Magnum liteweight Surebond is a setting/hardening type compound. Designed for embedding drywall tape, spotting fasteners, filling and leveling cornerbead and patching cracks in plaster walls.
•    Excellent adhesion
•    Extremely low shrinkage
•    Easy sanding qualities
•    Accurate set times
•    Reduced tool drag

Available set times:
•    20 minute
•    45 minute
•    90 minute

•    18 lb bag (8.2 kg) Lite Weight and MH Formula
•    25 lb bag (11.3 kg) Endurance High Strength

Site Requirements and Storage:
•    Maintain 55 F building working temperature until dry
•    Do not mix with other materials
•    Use clean drinking water to mix
•    Tools must be cleaned between batches
•    Excessive and high speed mixing will shorten set time
•    Protect from moisture
•    New concrete should age 60 days or more before application
•    Rotate stock every 90 days

Final wallboard finish should comply with the Five Levels of Gypsum Board Finish approved by the Gypsum Assoc., the Drywall Finishing Council, and The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries.

Meets ASTM C475-89

May contain mica, talc, plaster, limestone, perlite, clay and latex. Wet sanding is advisable to avoid creating dust. When dry sanding, use of a dust collector, eye protection, and a respirator approved by NIOSH to remove dust is advisable. Must not be taken internally.  Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Ingredient Information: 913-888-0882