Un-aggregated wall and ceiling sprays are used to create various textured designs. R-1002 is made for Orange Peel and Knockdown surfaces. Fantastic open time designed for 2-3 man crews. R01011 is made for Orange Peel, Knockdown, Skip Trowel and Santa Fe surfaces. Designed for high production (faster drying) 4-5 man crews.

•    Excellent mixing
•    Excellent mileage
•    Spray over wallboard, concrete, and plaster.
•    Low cost

•    50 lb bags (22.7 kg)

50 lbs. Will cover approximately 500 – 1000 sq ft depending on type of application and surface condition.

Site Requirements and Storage:
•    Maintain 55 F building working temperature until dry
•    Keep dry after application
•    Above grade application is recommended
•    Protect from moisture
•    New concrete should age 60 days or more before application
•    Rotate stock every 90 days

Final wallboard finish should comply with the Five Levels of Gypsum Board Finish approved by the Gypsum Association, The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, the Drywall Finishing Council, and The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries.

Meets ASTM C475-89

May contain mica, talc, plaster, limestone, perlite, clay and latex. Wet sanding is advisable to avoid creating dust. When dry sanding, use of a dust collector, eye protection, and a respirator approved by NIOSH to remove dust is advisable. Must not be taken internally.  Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.  Ingredient Information: 913-888-0882