Magnum Level Coat is a professional grade, Drywall Level 5 completion System. This vinyl based product is designed to equalize the porosity or suction differences between the  wallboard surface and the drywall joint compound. This allows paint to dry at a uniform rate, minimizing flashing, banding, and photographing under critical lighting conditions.

• Replaces skim coating for a level 5 finish and eliminates the need for a paint primer.
• Allows paint to dry uniformly
• Paint or decorate in 24 hours.
• Water clean up.
• Gives better paint coverage.

When applied at 15 mil/wet, one gallon covers approximately 130 square feet.

Available in:
• 5 gallon pails/18.9 liter--ready-mix
• 50 lb bags—dry
• 55 gallon drums

Site Requirements and Storage:
• Maintain 50F building temperature.
• Provide adequate mechanical ventilation.
• Protect from freezing, extreme heat, direct sunlight.
• Rotate stock every 90 days.

Surfaces must be clean, free of oil, wax, nicotine, and dust. Peeling paint must be removed by  sanding, washing, or scraping. Then clean with 1 part household bleach to 3 parts water. Level Coat is not to be used as a sealer.

Apply by spray application to interior drywall surfaces only.

Application Caution:
Due to the low shrinkage nature of the product, backrolling will leave a “stippled” finish. Extra attention will be necessary to insure the absence of roller marks. Do not over thin. Do not apply when temperature is below 50F. Wipe up drips or splatter before drying. Contact Magnum before applying over concrete.

Refer to Gypsum Association Publication GA-214, Titled; “Recommended Levels of Gypsum  Board Finish” or ASTM C-840. A minimum level 4 drywall finish is recommended before  application of Level Coat.

When sanding, use of a dust  collector, eye protection and a NIOSH approved respirator is advisable. Must not be taken internally. If swallowed contact physician. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Ingredient Information: 913-888-0882